Friday, June 8, 2007

Address issues, don't be one!

Referring the link - - Where were these people when similar comments were made on India on Orkut? Some through our neighbouring countries and others via those who suffered due to India’s outsourcing boom? I guess busy fighting for reservations!

Sadly, it seems that Mumbai and Maharashtra are apart from a Democratic India. People cannot express their views and opinions, enjoy freedom and not be afraid of being or having their property attacked. Freedom and democracy are our right; however, they should not be abused.

Expression of love on Valentines and accessing Orkut (namely just two of the many instances) are a matter of choice. Why attack shops and cyber cafés and deny one of a daily lively hood? Will the purpose be met? In case of the so-called defamatory comments, they could be posted from elsewhere in the world. Why ban Orkut for that?

Wise men think that banning Orkut at cyber cafés is a good option. However, Orkut could be easily accessible through the Internet from home and office. Orkut is a modern day wonder of a simplified way of communication and expressions. If there is something defamatory, Orkut supports ‘report as abuse’ to permanently ban it if they receive a certain number of such reports. Why shut cyber cafés and install software to ban Orkut? It is like a classic case where the US invested millions to make a pen that can write anywhere and in any condition, whereas the Russians used a pencil!

Sadly, people wake up to issues of lesser importance rather than the ones that actually need attention. People sleep over these and it is through communities at Orkut where the cyber world awakens. It is sad that on most occasions, people BECOME THE ISSUE rather than ADDRESSING THE ISSUE!

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