Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Walk In the City of the Dead - Concluding Part!

It was a first added effect, the torch was working and it was the guide’s antics. He apologised, but switched off the torch and continued with the story. But the ambience created had set the scene up. The Vault felt like ‘panic room’! It was the Vault where on a cold night, people setup a small fire, but in the process were charred to death. The furnace then, is a cold grave today.

I cannot answer why, but during the narration, I was terribly disturbed and felt very uneasy and uncanny. The narration felt like trance; it wasn’t long but seemed never ending. I looked at my watch, which to me was the only source of light in that horrid darkness. I thought it might be comforting, but it wasn’t to be. My watch seemed to stop; the hands of the watch didn’t seem to move at all.

We walked out of the Vaults and into a dim lit museum that had tools of torture and death, popularly used in the earlier centuries. Those appallingly sadistic tools seemed laughable after what we had experienced. There were some biscuits and whisky, which I had bottoms up; I think we all did. Comforting! I looked at my watch; it was working.

Calmed, I walked off into the living Edinburgh.

I do not know if what I experienced was real or something I was made to believe in that setup. On whether The Watcher exists and the yellow light I saw was The Watcher himself. Whether the cold pocket we experienced was real or a delusion that three people experienced. I don’t even know whether the ‘circle of faith’ is not safe anymore or the uneasiness I felt was due to that particular Vault or due to the apprehension that had built up. My watch; did it actually stop working or my senses just failed to see it work! What I do know, is that something definitely happened there and it wasn’t just another tourist spot.

Edinburgh was just the way it was, but only colder. The sun had set and the Royal Mile looked splendid in the streetlights. Edinburgh; a place one must visit for its endowing natural beauty, Scottish traditions and history and THE VAULTS.

Poltergeists follow the trail. I felt something around my bed through the night, the night thereafter and all the way to London!

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