Wednesday, September 14, 2011

City Bites - This City Sucks!

Pretty damn sure that at some stage or the other we’ve all spoke our heart out and screamed aloud ‘THIS CITY SUCKS’! And this is despite the fact that we so love the city we grew, studied, lived or worked in. Attribute it to human nature, the grass is and always will be greener on the other side; but only until you get there!

So a guy in a remote village of India with no electricity wants to be at the nearest town that has life after dark. The guy in that town with little social life wants to be in the nearest city that has a few multiplexes, malls, eating joints and pubs. And that guy in the city who’s bored of the same old rut wants to be at a metro like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. 

And then that dude/dame who’s living a lavish life with a high paying job, uses the very latest in gadgets and drives around in a cool street machine, is pissed off with the city traffic, never ending taxation and ever rising costs. He/she wants to and deserves to make that extra buck and this city doesn’t deserve him/her. So they want to be in a place like New Work living the dream life at a tower in Manhattan. 

Now what – run for elections, get power, gain control and have people running to your tunes? And then the ultimate step – The Chair in the White House. A year into that and all you’d probably want is to be at a small fishing village in South East Asia, eating, drinking and being merry! 

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  1. I want to be the PRIME MINISTER of India! Can you help me please? *No Jokes*

  2. As you said, grass is greener on the other side. We love it till we don't have it. Nicely written...

  3. @chintan - i tend to be abusive and enraged on politicians...plz dont become one!

    @saru - true - its a feeling that ive noticed within myself, friends and a lot of random people.

  4. Totally. I have to say I am a city person. One hour in the traffic and I would shout and swear that the City sucks.I would promise myself I would go for a vacation some where no one can trace me, and I'm pretty sure I would be missing the traffic and hustle bustle life of the city.

  5. haha...tats how our life has become these days, hasn't it ashwini?


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