Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Adrenaline Rush – Sebastian Vettel - A Bio

Apart from producing great beers, Germany also has a legacy of producing fantastic racing drivers; like the current Formula 1 World Champion from Heppenheim, Sebastian Vettel. 

Born on 3rd July 1987, while other kids were still figuring out how to spell ‘kart’, Vettel was behind the wheel of one. His first major success came by winning the Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001. He may not have bagged his drivers’ licence yet, but in 2004 he stomped his authority by winning 18 off 20 races in the Formula BMW Championship. 

Sebastian Vettel at the autograph signing session at Sepang, Malaysia, for the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix. For more photos on Formula 1, check My Third Eye.

In 2006, BMW Sauber gave him his ticket to Formula 1 as a Test Driver where he went on to become the youngest driver to set fastest lap time, during Friday practice. His maiden race came with BMW Sauber in 2007 when he substituted for Robert Kubica at the US Grand Prix and ended up scoring points; again the youngest ever to do so. 

His talent was identified and nurtured by the Red Bull Team who gave him a drive thereafter in 2007. He justified their faith when he stormed from 16th to finish fourth in the Chinese Grand Prix. With consistent results in 2008, he then did the unthinkable; grab pole and victory at the Italian Grand Prix. That was good enough to get a promotion to the Red Bull Racing team for 2009, with whom he finished runners up. 

Sebastian Vettel takes lead in his Red Bull Racing car at Sepang, Malaysia, for the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix. For more photos on Red Bull Racing, check My Third Eye.

Behind his boyish charm, jovial nature and witty humour lies a fierce competitor who wants to excel. The hunger within him saw him win 3 off the last 4 races of the 2010 season with Red Bull and become the youngest ever Formula 1 World and Double World Champion. In a short span, the charming heartthrob has an envious track record that makes him nothing but a prodigy at 24! 

Congratulations to him on winning the 2011 F1 Driver’s Title. 

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  1. When I read about young achievers I have a moment of silence with myself :( I get so jealous, jal kookdi that I am!

    I was planning to do MBA in Monaco's B School and they boasted about luxury business, un/fortunately, I did not go. But, traveling to Monaco is on my list since then.

    And why are all F1 racers so handsome?

  2. I'm in love with Tennis players and F1 drivers. It must be great to achieve so much at such a young age, I know, it takes a lot of hard work... And congratulations to him:) :) :)

  3. its serious fascination how some do achieve so much so young. but indeed, there must be sheer hardwork, at least as in the case of sports persons.

    imagine...this dude was driving since the age of 7 or 8. no wonder he is so darn quick!

  4. He's a fantastic driver. As aggressive as Schumaker was in his early days, but much more ethical. Just hope he develops into a better driver all around. If he can help engineers improve a car by providing feedback like Alonso, and have an analytic mind rather than simply driving flat out, he could go down in history as one next to the Sennas and the Prosts...

  5. You are surely a sports guy :P Great info, and btw hot guy ;)

  6. @vishal - agreed...last yr he looked a bit reckless but this yr he's been a true champ! still early days for him n eventually he shud get there like Schumi n Alonso n not end up just being quick like a Kimi or Montoya! but he is special talent for sure.

    @megs - here is a die-hard f1 fan! and it seems like he is getting popular with the gals ;)

  7. I am a great fan of F1 racer Michael Schumacher ... racing has never been the same for me after his retirement.

  8. @Farila - i agree 100% with you. there was a time when Ferarri was a religion n Schumi was God!


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