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Wherever I May Roam - A Traveller's Delight: Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

For the past few years, technology has been fuelling up my pockets while travel has been fuelling up by passion. And like the old saying goes, don’t mix business and pleasure, I tend not to mix pleasure and business. Which means, I try stay away from gadgets (except my camera), social media and of course, work e-mails.

However, a recent trip forced me to change my perception on living a tech-free life during my travels. I was in Hong Kong and was against the race of time to catch the famous ‘Symphony of Lights’ show. Lost, with little directions and English speaking people, I finally approached a young girl who was engrossed in her smart phone. She spoke English and using her smart phone, told where I was, where I need to be heading and how.

I then realised how technology and travel can actually go hand-in-hand without taking away the joy of travelling. The Google Android became an easy choice and with a bit of research, I found out that Samsung were the leaders in the Android market with about 34% of the market share. I decided to review both, their Galaxy smart phone and tab range; and what ultimately struck was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, aka 10.1. The soon to be launched Tab should be a clear frontrunner with me on my next travel adventure.

The front and back views of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

I already foresee myself, sitting and chalking out my next travel plan using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. Its brilliantly large 10.1” WXGA TFT LCD screen offers vivid colour, brightness and fantastic sharpness along with rich graphics, which would easily allow my to do away with my bulky laptop even on a day-to-day basis. Not to forget, its sleek dimension of just over 8.5 mm of thickness and light weight of 565 gm., to go with the HSPA+ and WiFi connectivity, makes it a perfectly portable solution. Powered by the latest Android 3.1 operating system and running on a 1 GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with 1 GB RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Tab makes multitasking as easy as pie. This means that I can surf to gather information on my next travel destination, enquire for bookings, document notes and make cost estimates on a spreadsheet, effortlessly, all at the same time. Yes, the performance-packed Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 also comes with the entire Office Suite, word, excel and powerpoint, to ensure these and other business needs are taken care of.

Being light weight and sleek, makes it perfectly portable

Another beauty about using the Android is the availability of thousands of applications, which are either free or extremely reasonably priced. Samsung however, has gone the extra mile by ensuring that their users are offered the very best in experience and ease-of-use. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes with a Live Panel that will allow me to customise the Tab's home screen. So today I can have my spreadsheet, travel documents, bookings, notes, guides, social networking feeds and email access, all set straight on the home screen for easy, quick and single touch access. What’s more is that I can copy-paste with ease and also make use of the ‘Split View’ feature. In addition, the Live Panel, as the word indicates, is packed with real-time updates, which means that you’re always seeing the latest email or social networking post that came through to you. What works for me are the Mini Apps that come along; I get to know what the weather is like, what the time would be at my next destination along with the all time favourites like memo, calendar, calculator and many more. And tomorrow, while I am on the move, I can once again redo my home screen with these apps to suit my needs. In addition, I can 'go green' by having all my documents digitally available on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750's Live Panel and Mini Apps further enrich user experience

Finally, my bags are packed and I am ready to go. I tend to travel light, which is why I avoid the weight and space of the tons of gadgets apart from the additional responsibility of looking after them. At times though, I do miss them. As a traveller, I have spent hours waiting at bare-bone bus stops, deserted railway stations and low-cost airport terminals. Very often, I don’t manage the luxury of sleep and long for some break in the cycle. With a full HD playback and support of every possible video and audio format, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes to my rescue again. The output quality of the brilliant screen size would make watching movies enjoyable along with the crystal clear surround sound speakers. What’s more is that it comes with an ambient light sensor, helping improve the battery life. How does up to 9 hours of video and 72 hours of audio battery life sound; very comforting, because I doubt if I am going to hit that limit.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 offers great AV experience on the go

On my actual travels, my life should simplify so much. One thing is for sure, I doubt if I ever will get lost for directions. The featured GPS and Google Maps, which are default to the Galaxy Tab 750, will take care of my navigations and directions. Not to forget, other Google apps like Places, Latitude, Navigation and more, also find home in the Galaxy Tab 750. In addition, it has an accurately handy compass for places that have no roads. I sure cannot miss out on the photo and video capabilities, things that have always been part of my travel trips. With a 3MP auto-focus camera with led-flash and 720p video recording, I am almost certain not to miss on candid moments.

One thing that I’ve always longed on my travel trips is to be able to immediately connect and share the day’s excitement and events with my near and dear. This is where the Galaxy Tab 750 takes the cake! Of course, it will allow me to connect with them using GTalk, Gmail and other social network tools, but I can do that easily with the add-on accessories like the keyboard. And because I have always wanted to blog my travel experiences when they are fresh as opposed to doing it at a later point in time, the keyboard sure comes more than handy. Being available in the 16, 32 and 64 GB variants, means that apart from the movies and audio stored, I would have sufficient storage on the move by which I can securely backup my photographs and videos as well.

Some great accessories make the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 an ultimate buy

Its support for almost all cellular networks (850, 900, 1800, 1900), flash support during web browsing and access to the Samsung Hub, which is equipped with music, e-books, newspapers and lots more, makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 the ultimate choice for me as a traveller and practically anyone as a user. If that’s not all, another big benefit coming my way is the ease of getting my leaves because I should be able to convince my boss that I’ll be able to support remotely. So in case you see my status message on GTalk as WFB (working from the beach); you’ll know that I’ve broken my promise, mixed pleasure with business and loving every bit of it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 launches on the 10th of September, 2011, in India, and I cannot wait to lay my hands on it.

Tab De Perfection - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

1. All images are licensed to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and are used for representational purposes. Specifications stated are as per Samsung's current launch plan for the Galaxy Tab 750 in India and are subject to change.
2. This blog is an entry to the ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab 750’ contest on Indiblogger. For more details and technical specifications, you can check Samsung’s official microsite on the Galaxy Tab 750. Also, do watch the Live Webcast on the Official Launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 right here on 10th of September, 2011, 2 pm onwards, IST.

If you missed the Live Webcast, here's the video for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.


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