Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wherever I May Roam - What makes a Traveller – A Beginners' Guide, Part 1

Before we cut to the chase, I have a little story to narrate. Way back in December 2004, on my way back from Agra to Mumbai, I met a guy named Alex, then a management student from the US. He looked very simple and seemed to be savouring every bit of the journey that I seemed to hate; to add a little perspective, it was winter and we were is a typical 2nd sleeper compartment of an ordinary train that generally people would use as their last resort to travel between the two cities.

The intersting path of the Raja Ki Mandi railyway station in Agra, India. For more interesting photos on my travel, click here.

We being of the same age group easily struck a conversation. I learnt that he was originally on a project trip with his college but took a detour to see a lot more of India. We spoke for hours; he included many details that he’d discovered and learnt on his already 20-day trip to India. I must admit, I didn’t know about 40% of them myself. He also mentioned how he travelled and what all he did to pursue his greatest passion – travel!

I had always been someone who was very keen to go to new places, and yes, even go see places abroad. I was just a few years into my job and hadn’t saved enough to take trips that I would have liked nor had I ever taken the effort to discover a place on my own or with a small group of people, except the one instance in Goa.

However, what changed from that day was my perspective to see things as far as visiting new places goes. If there is intent, you can save up bit-by-bit, every month or now and then, and plan for the trip you always wanted to take. And if you really want to discover a place, do you need your world to travel with you? Do you need all the luxuries? Should you care too much on how you’re managing with a limited number of supplies? At the end, what should matter is the satisfaction you get of having visited a place, the joy and thrill of travelling and taking paths that may less comfortable, but experience the absolute bliss and soaking up the journey you’ll treasure and cherish forever.

What started off as desperate and seemingly boring journey, took an interesting twist that changed my travel perspective. For more interesting photos on my travel, click here.

I have never met Alex thereafter but we’ve remotely kept in touch via e-mails. However, the remarkable thing is that whenever he travels, he ensures that he updates his friends and people who he has met on this travels, like me, about his travel experiences; and his e-mails are always a great read.

That’s my inspirational story that may have seemed to gone a little off topic for those expecting tips or pointers on taking a Travellers route. But then, if you read this again, you may realise that an inspiration is half the battle won. I won’t forget the guy who inspired the traveller within me for his great journey’s and his love for the Indian Potato Triangles!

The chase, ‘What makes a Traveller – A Beginners' Guide’, continues here.

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