Saturday, November 26, 2011

City Bites: Mumbai Terror of 26/11; Justice Denied

This blog got featured in Mumbai DNA 'Around the Blog' on page 7, 5th Dec 2011.

This post isn't really a dedication to the people lost their lives and to those who are still suffering from the terror attacks in Mumbai on 26th November 2008 (26/11). The only dedication to them today, can be justice. 

Today, I saw political parties get another opportunity to put up banners and pay a tribute to the people who lost their lives in the terror attacks three years ago. What I also saw were elaborate photo and video shoots to show that 'We did something'. 

This is telling them that all of their something is nothing as long as justice is not served. We don't care if its a cold-blooded decision; we need it! Someone after all did say that justice is a meal best served cold!

Innocent Indian people here,
Candle marches as tribute to who are dear,
That’s how we people face the fears,
Innocent Indian people here!

Our government though takes us for a ride,
Only these simple things do they drive,
The only condemn the done and prise the peoples’ strive,
That’s how our government takes us for a ride!

How else would one explain this fact of life,
On the convict is spent 50 crores to keep alive,
But both justice and money is denied,
To all those families who lost a dear life!

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  1. is too late to hang Kasab now. I wish the matter was finished sooner. now he has gained a hype and if they hanged him...he will live as martyr.

    it was a shame to see people crying over kasab on networking websites while no one remembered the likes of major Unnikrishan.

  2. I absolutely admire the way treated the subject and your approach. Great post Rohit!

  3. chintan - its never to late...coz of him now the metro has got stalled n overrun make tat 63 on a worthless ******. wat the #### are these guys doing...still?

    and tx so much saru for the appreciation.

  4. This issue should have been resolved a long time now, before Kasab gained so much popularity. He surely doesn't deserve it - nor does he deserve any of the hospitality that he's receiving from our country.

    It's surprising how the judicial system can be manipulated so easily in a democratic setup like ours...


  5. brilliant post!

    love your thoughts!

    happy weekend!

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  7. In the interest of offering Kasab an opportunity to defend himself and in order to convince international community that we are unbiased, we have delayed and thereby denied justice. Good post. Well written.

  8. It sucks when there is no real freedom....


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