Friday, November 25, 2011

Sadda Haq…Jhapad Rakh, The Harvinder Singh-Sharad Pawar Slapgate!

After a million requests, RTI, petitions and pleads; a hundred thousand peaceful protests and a few hundred candle marches, and one Anna Hazare, the common man lost it. A courageous Indian by the name of Harvider Singh slapped the daylights out of the Indian Agricultural Minster, Sharad Pawar at the New Delhi Municipal Centre; you can watch the video here

As always, there are divided views as to how can one slap a minister, this is sad and is condemned, and accolades for Harvinder Singh on the awesome job! It would have also been doing the rounds on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and likes. Sachin Tendulkar also must have heard about it during a forced drinks break and decided against his hundredth hundred; or postpone it to Friday. And then there were news that our PM Dr Manmohan Singh, who is in dire needs of a good PR, said he ‘condemns the act’. And now you know why; be it terror attacks, bomb blasts, scams or this slapgate, all our PM does is just condemning the act; and of course, nothing thereafter.

I came across a comment of an eminent news honcho Rajdeep Sardesai saying that ‘All those who justify the slapping of Pawar should be ashamed. Violence of the mind breeds physical violence.’ Whatever little bit I had towards the Indian media simply died off with that comment. Either Sardesai resides outside India, he too has a Swiss Bank Account that’s fed regularly by Indian politicians or is just another double-standard cold-blooded media guy who wants to stay within boundaries and run his channel as well. Does he forget the enormous corruption levels in the country fore fronted by politicians and the violence and vandalism political parties’ lead for their own motives? However, a common man’s slap is VIOLENCE, such is the travesty. And what if this was an act of an 80 year old retired man living on meager pension? Sardesai would have come out in support saying 'the common man has retaliated'. And I wouldn't be surprised if some years ago he loved Rang De Basanti and watch it with great adore!

As far as the slap goes, I’m a little disappointed with Sharad Pawar. If all Indian politicians claim to be avid Gandhi believers, why didn’t he put forth his other cheek and go ‘hit me baby one more time’? As far as Harvinder Singh goes, he’s building quite a name for himself to be a slapgate specialist. First he hurled slipper at Sukhram, the former telecom minister, when he was sentenced to jail for his involvement in a telecom scam and now Sharad Pawar. 

Now as much as I enjoyed the video of he slapping Sharad Pawar, the question that comes to my mind is how? How did Harvinder Singh make it out there and manage to slap Sharad Pawar with that ease? I perfectly understand terrorists coming across the seas and land, beating the shit out of our intelligence and conveniently killing a few hundred innocent people, but Sharad Pawar? Knowing that politicians can stoop to any level of disgust, I won’t entirely be surprised if Harvinder Singh could have been planted. Or may be just the political party came in the mood of vandalism and breaking loose and getting a public holiday and took to course as part of actions against their leader? Or a deep routed political move that we don’t see now?

For now though, I sincerely hope on being wrong on it and without being devil’s advocate, could the Harvinder Singhs please slap up a few more ministers; a lot more?

PS: Anna Hazare, the man who only supports non-violence, had the cheek to say 'Sirf ek hi mara?' (did he hit only one (slap)?); quite contrasting to his own personal belief, isn't it?

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  1. When someone tweeted about Anna's reaction, I completely ignored it. Till, I read and realized he infact did so. How can people not see? Now, they may laugh it off saying, well, Anna took a dig but then...

    Well, I have a gutt feel, tahrir square may happen in India sooner or later...The anger is building up and the way world is bleeding....hard to see things getting fixed any sooner.

  2. The only people condemening this slapgate incident are politicians and media folks..Rest of the country is celebrating this slapping achievement.I have not met a single person so far who hasn't said "Achcha hua, ek aur padna chahiye saale ko !!"
    Such is the anger in people..Given a chance I too will slap such netas...I agree with comment above that Indian version of tahrir square is not far away is such level of anarchy and corruption continues in this nation ..

  3. How double standard take of rajdeep- sigh!!!
    When my friend narrated me the incident my first reaction was wow!!! can't we have general rule once a month for all the disgusted politicians for acts like this?
    I remember we used to have pie hitting event once in each term for the most hated professor at school. I so, so wish this becomes like a legal right. I already have few names on my mind. :))

  4. I am not a big supporter of slapping or throwing shoes. Also, I don't support our politicians. And, even I think he was planted. It's not that easy to access ministers especially in our country.

    I come from Ambala and Manu Sharma's father is the elected representative of our city. I have seen same people who marched against his son touching his feet. In fact in Ruchika's case I knew both the parties by some close connection. I know how people behave when things are on such scale. Things are not exactly what it seems.

  5. thank you all. its good to have got ur views on this as well. i never thought but disappointment/dissent on the double standards has been expressed by all.

  6. Though violence of any sort is unacceptable, what Harvinder Singh did was a reflection of millions of Indians' emotions.


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