Friday, February 19, 2010

Eye Pay All 2010 – A Game of Politickers and Cricktics!

Cricket can get boring and Politics can sometimes be exciting. Pretty much the same when you see the Shane Warnes, the Shahid Afridi’s and the other many talk around like politicians. On the other hand, politicians have also been getting bored with politics and so have thought to come out on a green (green – also happens to be the colour of money) pitch and bowl some quick seem-up deliveries along with some nasty bouncers.

After all the drama around the auctions and the exclusion of the Pakistan players that took place in the first couple of weeks, the controversies that always somehow seem to surround the IPL, just – took off again! SRK came to the defence of the Pakistan players – early realisation? Well, that was just the opening politicians, who had gone quite and who had little to do in their hibernation, needed to wake up. Better still, they had two lovely ‘issues’ to rake – why is someone supporting Pakistan cricketers and that Indians are being attacked in Australia, Australians will not be allowed to play in India, more specifically in Maharashtra (by now you all know the political party).

The media covered this story with great enthusiasm, after all, King Khan had My Name Is Khan lined up for release – his first major release in over a year! On the other side, officials from the BCCI had a chat over the participation of the Australians and finally managed a ‘Yes’. SRK also sorted things out and his flick was about to release. Then the grapes turned sour – again there was a thought if Australians should be allowed or not. Shane Warne played hero trying the bridge the rift and did succeed but then now he too has been (incorrectly, I hear) citied by the Australian media on fears on playing in India. SRK’s flick was disrupted – a few things broken, a few hearts broken, but eventually – Aal Izz Well!

When the dust is settled it just so seems like the IPL does love the controversy or are some jinxed by it. How come, year after year do they get into some (or should I say many) controversy or the other? Not that they are any short of it, but publicity? Someone did put this question up to which Mr Modi responded – ‘We don’t create the controversies. We work day and night just to clear them. We get no joy by over working ourselves.’ Benefit of the doubt – given! But sometimes, ignorance is indeed bliss – probably just doing your work and staying out of controversy anyways.

On a special note – I don’t like getting too political, but yes, I’ve got my views and mostly they’re not too good. I loved the letter Mr Rajdeep Sardesai wrote to Mr Uddhav Thackeray. Time and again we’ve spent far too many resources on very irrelevant and highly avoidable matters and seen significant consequences happen on other grounds, like the ones in Pune (RIP)! Attention gets diverted into these frivolous matters to leave the flood gates open for the opportunists to cash in. And then what happens with the politicians – the same people simply sit quiet and tight with doubled securities. Please, wake up at the right times! Try control the people coming with dubious intentions and not those with valid visas and permits to play and entertain. It is convenient and an easy route to stop and create a ruckus about something genuine, and the easier route is mostly the incorrect one!

Bottomline – let sports be away from politics and politicians take up more serious issues other than something that is just a sport.

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