Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eye Pay All 2010 - Jadeja Dredd!

So it is official. Ravidra Jadeja will not be part of the IPL’s third season. After hearing and considering all sides of the story, the committee will stay with Jadeja’s ban of one year. It has been a topic of very mixed views and responses. Some feel that it is a lesson to the youngster and subsequently the others who are lured by the lucrative deals whereas others feel it is something that needs to be dealt with maturity and proper counselling.

Some years ago too there was something similar wherein the Indian cricketers were criticised for spending more time off the field with commercials and less time on the field playing serious cricket. Here again, the case was of a cricketer trying to make hay while the sun shines. Clearly, there are two equally important aspects of the story – one that there is pride involved in the sport especially at the national level which is being compromised by deeds like these and two the fact that the game and the board itself is so commercialised, why should be players be left behind?

True, when Jadeja signed with the Royals, he was probably picked as a player from the emerging talent/junior cricketer list. Now, with some consistent performances he has made it to the national side and could rightfully demand a fatter pay check. No matter what the media reports, the facts remain with RR, Jadeja and the IPL committee. Weather it was Jadeja’s greed or RR playing it smart and knowing the rule books better, we may never know.

There is no denying that there is greed as well, which sometimes takes precedence over the pride and joy of playing the game. Success getting into the head of some young players that force them to take reckless steps is higher on the cards given the commercial stakes involved. I read a good article where a former cricketer suggested counselling to these future stars. But I wonder how much would that help. Today, several players prefer playing leagues like the IPL as opposed to a place in the national squad – I don’t think the IPL would ever want to complain. If the game itself is so heavily commercialised that it probably is unfair to point fingers at the players directly, at first. Its perspective or two sides of the same coin! It’s an individual’s call!

PS: I like my job and you probably do the same. I work hard and feel I deserve a nice pay hike and you too, I am sure feel the same. If we don’t get that hike or we feel we can explore for a better offer, we’d try out elsewhere, wouldn’t we? Would we inform our current organisation whatever our contract says that we’re on the look out?

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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